Januar 06, 2023 2 min read

2022 has been a hell of a ride for everyone, us included and we are entering 2023 full speed! Want a quick update on everything new?

  • New bike available  V- Series

Last year we were proud to announce our V-Series. A different experience, same style now available for you to buy. 

This model is under certification right now and will only be available to deliver in February. That’s why we are still offering you the opportunity to buy it as a pre-order with a special price that will soon be over! If you are still deciding, now might be a good time to get yours!

  • New Colors

It was time to make some changes to our palette.

We are completely in love with this new suggestions: Aubergine and Midnight blue are the new colors available and we promise they are even more attractive live than in photos! 

  • New Projects

50 Rebels is committed to take it’s part helping people commute in a healthier and more sustainable way. We want our bike to be part of the change in urban mobility and to show people how they can easily drop their car for a 50 Rebels Bike. We have some projects we want to share with you on this, but will need some time before they are made public! Stay tuned!

Want to take part in it? Tag 50 Rebels on your posts showing how easy it is to commute with us!

  • New Partners

2022 has been the year 50 Rebels started to announce it’s product to Hotels. We wanted to let people ride our bike while on vacation and enjoy their stay a lot more with this experience! The feedback was great and now there are a lot of hotels in Portugal where you can rent a 50 Rebels bike during your stay! We hope to add a little more fun to your stays and hope you enjoy!

  • New Fundo Ambiental (Portugal)

Although the numbers have not been released we know that the New Fundo Ambiental support will have more money to invest and support the buying of electric bikes. You can apply to this support with an invoice from 2023, so feel free to place your orders and be one of the first ones to apply as soon as it is released! Last years support was of 500€ per bike, hopefully this years is higher!

If you are not in Portugal, please search for your countries supports on e-bikes acquisitions as most of them have something to offer!

  • New Colab

Still to be announced but 50 Rebels new colab bike is soon to be launched. It’s been in the oven for a few months now but soon we will be able to show you a new collaboration that will make some people run for it!

Cristina Crespo
Cristina Crespo

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