Oktober 31, 2022 2 min read

Changes start with a first step, and sometimes this requires some help!
We know changing our habits into a more sustainable way of living takes a bit of investment: of time, on products and in creating new habits.

Ditching the use of a car, especially for those who never tried another mobility solution might take a leap of faith and comes with some challenges. Buying a bike just for trying this solution requires a big investment, but what if you could have a bike for a whole week to test the concept?

We believe our bikes are one of the best alternative mobility solutions for big cities (not only) and that having the experience to really test the concept might help you adopt a more sustainable mobility solution (whether in the end it is ours or not!).


We decided to put our hands where our mouth is and plan something that allows our fans to really try this mobility solution before deciding to adopt it for real! We wanted to make it fun and challenging so we added a little twist for our riders!

The concept is simple:

During the month of November, anyone can go to our Porto Store and rent one bike for one week. During this week you’ll be the owner of this bike and the challenge is to ditch your car for real. Go to work, to the gym, buy some groceries, or why not be a tourist in your own town! Leave the car parked and embrace a more sustainable way of living, owning it proudly.

The rental will have a 50€ cost for 6 days AND…

When you return your bike, we will check how many KM you rode during the week and you will receive a voucher accordingly, that you can use if you would like to buy a bike.

  • 0-100 km 50€
  • 100-200 km 100€
  • 200-unlimited km 200€

The more you ride, the more you want it, and the more you can earn on a discount for its acquisition. When you participate you will also get early access to our Black Friday discount! Sounds good?

Contact our store in advance to secure your bike. It is a first come first serve policy.

Online bookings: www.50rebels.com/pages/porto-rentals
Phone/Whatsapp: +351 910 355 450
Email: ricardo.cunha@50rebels.com

Be prepared to conquer the roads of Porto effortlessly and in style.

Dulce Filipe
Dulce Filipe

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