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We've just entered 2024 and we have great news for everyone seeking support for electric bikes. With the start of this new year, it's known that the Environmental Fund will once again provide support for those looking to transition to a more sustainable mode of transportation.

Considering the support values provided by the Environmental Fund in recent years, we estimate that you could save up to €1,000 on your 50 Rebels. Since electric bikes benefit from the reduced VAT rate (6%), you can achieve a direct saving of approximately €500 compared to the price shown on the online store, depending on the selected model. Additionally, you can add another €500 from the Environmental Fund's support for electric bikes, based on previous support values.

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It's expected that the Environmental Fund will open for applications in the coming months, and we know that the sooner you gather all the documentation for the application, the sooner you'll receive support to acquire a 50 Rebels electric bike! It's important to note that both the VAT discount and the Environmental Fund support are measures implemented by the Portuguese government, exclusive to residents of Portugal.

To get started, you should first request the VAT discount code. Then, choose the electric bike you wish to purchase. If you need advice, you can count on our always cheerful and accessible team!

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Why Choose a 50 Rebels E-Bike?

Our electric bikes go beyond mere transportation. 50 Rebels e-bikes are symbols of rebellion against the status quo. Committed to quality, style, and environmental responsibility, our e-bikes are your ticket to a more sustainable lifestyle.

For all these reasons, 50 Rebels models are eligible for the support provided by the Environmental Fund for electric bikes. They can legally carry two people, cargo (with the proper accessories), and all our motors comply with Portuguese road regulations.

What to Do to Receive Support for Electric Bikes?

The Environmental Fund offers crucial support for those embracing eco-conscious choices, including adopting our 50 Rebels electric bikes. By purchasing your bike now, you're anticipating and preparing to ensure you benefit from Environmental Fund assistance as soon as applications open.

Next Steps to Apply for Environmental Fund Support:

  1. Acquire your 50 Rebels E-Bike: Explore our range of electric bikes and choose the one that best suits your style and preferences: for family, fun, or work. Why not have it all in the same bike? You can choose your model with a 250W, 500W, or 750W motor.

  2. Have your receipt at hand: When you have your 50 Rebels electric bike, keep the purchase receipt - an essential document for applying for Environmental Fund support. Ensure it contains the frame number and don't forget to request a declaration confirming that your bike is intended for urban use.

  3. Stay informed: Keep an eye on Environmental Fund updates and registration dates. Acting promptly increases your chances of being at the top of the list for electric bike support. 

Documentation Required for Environmental Fund Application:

  • Invoice with frame number provided by the seller
  • Declaration that it is an electric bike for urban use, provided by the seller
  • Certificate of no debt to the Tax Office - can be requested online at the Tax Office portal
  • Certificate of no debt to Social Security - can be requested online at the Social Security Direct portal

Why Act Quickly?

Environmental Fund support is limited, and early applicants have a better chance of receiving it. By quickly purchasing your 50 Rebels electric bike, you're positioning yourself at the forefront, ensuring you don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

Environmental Fund Details:

In previous years, subsidies reached €500 for urban electric bikes, such as 50 Rebels, V-Series, and R-Series models. The Environmental Fund has various facets, one of which is the adoption of more sustainable transportation practices.

Switching from a car to an electric bike for medium-distance trips will significantly contribute to decarbonization, improving air quality, reducing noise, and decreasing traffic congestion. Besides, it will make your daily commutes much happier - trust us, we know what we're talking about!

And don't worry about autonomy; with our electric bikes, you can travel up to 100km on a single charge.

#Join the Rebellion

At 50 Rebels, we advocate rebellion - a rebellion against harmful emissions and a commitment to a greener future. Join our movement and let your 50 Rebels e-bike symbolize your dedication to environmental sustainability.

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