R2S e-fatbike 2 seater family bike
R2S e-fatbike 2 seater family bike
R2S e-fatbike 2 seater family bike
brakes for electric fat bicycle
R2S e-fatbike 2 seater family bike
R2S e-fatbike 2 seater family bike
R2S e-fatbike 2 seater family bike
R2S e-fatbike 2 seater family bike
R2S e-fatbike 2 seater family bike
R2S e-fatbike 2 seater family bike


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Experience the pinnacle of electric mobility with the Model R2S from 50 Rebels.

Designed to awaken your sense of adventure, the R2S E-Fatbike combines cutting-edge technology with unrivalled performance, redefining your riding experience.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Range: Bid farewell to range anxiety with the optional double 20 Amp Hour battery life, ensuring you can explore further and discover more on every journey.
  • Spacious Design: With a newly extended bench measuring 1 meter, the R2S offers ample space to comfortably accommodate your friends and family, whether you're cruising through the city or tackling rugged terrain.
  • Ultimate Fun: Feel the rush of power and agility as you navigate diverse landscapes with ease, courtesy of the R2S's powerful motor and air front suspension.
  • Versatile Performance: From urban commutes to off-road adventures, the R2S adapts effortlessly to any terrain, providing a thrilling and dynamic riding experience every time.
  • Three Bafang motor power options: 250W, 500W, or 750W. The 250W motor version follows the EU standard EN15194 and qualifies as an EPAC (Electric Pedal Assisted Cycle) in all EU countries. Orders for 500W or 750W motors will be reviewed according to the laws of the shipping country.

Pre-Order Special:

For a limited time, take advantage of our exclusive pre-order offer and save up to €500 on your purchase of the Model R2S. Reserve your R2S today and be among the first to own this game-changing electric ride.

We provide various financing options for the countries in which we operate.

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R2S electric fat bicycle

More Range

Say goodbye to range anxiety! The Model R2S boasts an optional double battery life, ensuring that you can explore farther and experience more on every journey.

R2S e-fatbike 2 seater family bike

More Space

With a new 1 meter long bench, the R2S offers the flexibility to accommodate your friends & family comfortably, whether you're commuting to work or embarking on a weekend adventure.

Suspension electric fat bicycle

More Fun

Experience the ultimate blend of power and agility with the R2S. From navigating city streets to conquering off-road terrain, this electric ride with an air front suspension promises an exhilarating experience.

Check the Specs!


The seat of the Model R2S electric fat bike is crafted for comfort and versatility, offering support and ergonomic design.

Its spacious 1-meter length accommodates your family and friends.

Built to last and ensure a comfortable ride, it invites you to embark on your next journey with ease.


Optional double 20 Ah battery life, ensuring you can explore further and discover more on every journey.

These batteries are removable for convenient charging and storage. Powered by top-notch EVE cells, these batteries provide long-lasting performance.


You can choose the power:

  • 250W: Legal limit for EPACs (Electric Pedal-Assisted Cycles) in the EU.
  • 500W: Legal in Portugal, Italy & Switzerland.
  • 750W: Street-legal in Portugal & Denmark. Outside these countries, it's like an electric motorcycle.

Our motors are known for their efficiency, providing up to 80Nm of torque at 250W and 85Nm at 750W.


Iconic R-Frame, featuring the robust diamond frame, this e-bike ensures unparalleled stability and durability.

This upgraded version is more spacious than ever, with a 1-meter seat to accommodate all your friends and family.


The R2S Model is equipped with a front Moped light, adding a touch of urban flair to its design, while the rear large bar light enhances visibility and safety on the road.

Together, these lights not only ensure optimum illumination for night rides but also contribute to the e-bike's rugged and stylish aesthetic, embodying the spirit of adventure and durability.


Experience unparalleled comfort and control with the air suspension system offered with the R2S Model.

Tailor your ride to perfection with customizable color options including sparkling blue, golden yellow, or lightning green.

Whether traversing city streets or conquering rugged terrains, the R2S air suspension ensures a smooth and dynamic experience, allowing you to tackle any adventure with confidence and style.


Equipped with front and rear fenders, as well as front and rear splash protections, the R2S Model ensures a clean and dry ride in any weather condition.

Say goodbye to splashes and debris with these essential features, providing added convenience and protection during your urban commutes or off-road adventures.

Range | 100 km with 1 x 20ah battery OR 200 km with 2 x 20ah batteries
Charge Time | 4-5 hrs (3A Charger)
Battery | 960Wh (48V 20ah) - 21700 cell size.
Bafang Motor Options| 250w / 500w / 750w
Sensor | PAS (48 Magnets)
Gearing & Rear Dereilleur | 7-Speed

Vehicle Weight | 33-37 kg
Battery Weight | 4.5 kg (each)
Length x Width x Height (cm) | 182; 69; 102
Rider Weight Limit | 135 kg
Seat Height | 90cm (front of the seat) / 93cm (back of the seat)
Seat Length | 100cm

Frame | Carbon steel
Suspension | Air suspension system (front)
Brakes | Hydraulic disc brakes - High Performance Samonix
Tires | Vee tires Huntsman 20 x 4
Inner Tubes | 20 x 4

Head Light | White LED
Tail Light | Red LED

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