About 50 Rebels

We are a leading Portuguese E-Bike manufacturer with retail partners across Europe, renowned for our powerful and robust handcrafted E-Bikes.

At 50 Rebels, we are also known for our exceptional customer support, extending from assisting customers in choosing the ideal model to addressing a wide range of queries, including accessory selection and subsidy guidance, among many others.

Don't doubt us—put us to the test! 👇

Our Mission

We manufacture authentic and adaptable e-bikes for families and commuters.

By maintaining a close relationship with our customers and local partners, we develop an impactful product to reshape communities into inclusive neighborhoods.

Our Vision

A world where bikes are the heart of mobility, making life affordable and accessible.


Our History

50 Rebels was founded and was ready for a great and shiny future!

However, faith brought a not so shiny pandemic. But, as any newborn, we were strong and ready to build lots of immunity!


Our History

Pioneering Production in Portugal!

2020 was a year of proof and production ramp-up. Amid challenges, we forged ahead, laying the groundwork for our handcrafted E-Bikes.


Our History

Team Growth, Sales Surge, and a Milestone: 250 E-Bikes manufactured and sold!

2021 unfolded as a chapter of expansion and achievement. Our team grew to 3 employees, sales soared, and a significant milestone was reached - the production of the first 250 E-Bikes made available through our e-commerce platform in Europe.


Our History

In 2022, 50 Rebels continued its upward trajectory, reaching new heights.

We achieved significant milestones with the sales and production of hundreds of bikes through our e-commerce platform. Moreover, as our ambitions soared, our team grew to 5 employees, fortifying our foundation for success.

Additionally, we kicked off a B2B strategy, further expanding our reach and influence in the world of electric mobility.


Our History

In the evolution of 50 Rebels, 2023 marked a significant leap forward. We proudly unveiled new headquarters, expanded our warehouse capacity, optimized our picking processes, and bolstered production in Portugal.

With a team of 7 dedicated individuals, we achieved a remarkable milestones!

Meet Our Faces

This is the magic team that is behind the screens always ready to help you, and to create wonderful things!

Andreas Koloska

Andreas, our CEO and founder, is the driving force behind 50 Rebels.

Responsible for managing the company, he guides us with a vision for innovation and sustainable mobility, ensuring our E-Bikes pave the way for a brighter urban commuting future.

Anna Schneeberger

Meet Anna, the dedicated co-founder of 50 Rebels. Leading the charge in our customer support team, Anna is the friendly face ensuring our customers have a seamless experience.

Beyond her role in customer support, she wears many hats, offering valuable assistance to all teams within our dynamic company.

Miguel Gomes

Introducing Miguel, our supply chain maestro at 50 Rebels. As the key player in ensuring our operations run smoothly, Miguel takes the helm in supply chain management.

But he doesn't stop there – Miguel extends his expertise to offer a helping hand in customer support and assembly.

Dulce Filipe

Meet Dulce, the multifaceted talent at 50 Rebels. As our customer advisor, she welcomes and guides new customers on their E-Bike journey.

Dulce's impact extends beyond advising – she actively contributes to our marketing efforts, infusing creativity into our brand presence. Additionally, she's on the lookout for exciting partnerships and collaborations.

Leandro Calió

Meet Leandro, our maintenance expert, who ensures our E-Bikes keep rolling smoothly.

Leandro is not just limited to maintenance; he also lends a hand in assembly and showcases his prowess as a valuable B2B salesman.

Outside of the workshop, Leandro transforms into our master chef, treating the team to his incredible Brazilian churrasco.

Nina Kappelmann

Introducing Nina, our Spanish-based advisor at 50 Rebels.

Focused on providing expert guidance to German and Spanish customers, Nina ensures a personalized and seamless experience. Beyond advisory roles, she lends her expertise to our customer support team, contributing to our commitment to outstanding service.

Alexandre Ribeiro

Meet Alexandre, our marketing maestro, he crafts compelling narratives that resonate with our audience.

Alexandre's influence extends beyond marketing; he actively contributes to forging partnerships and collaborations.