Are you looking for E-Bike Subsidy and Reduced VAT in Luxembourg?

Are you looking for E-Bike Subsidy and Reduced VAT in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is taking significant steps to promote electromobility and sustainable transportation. To encourage citizens to embrace eco-friendly commuting options, the Luxembourg government has introduced a robust bonus system for electric vehicles and bikes. In this blog post, we'll explore the E-Bike subsidy program and reduced VAT rates that are making it easier to adopt electric bikes (E-bikes) as a cleaner and more sustainable mode of transportation.

Challenges of E-Bike Affordability and Taxation

Historically, the cost of E-bikes has deterred potential buyers from choosing eco-friendly commuting options. Complex tax structures and high VAT rates have added to the financial burden, making it difficult for citizens to opt for greener mobility. Fortunately, an E-Bike subsidy program is available, and we have all the details to assist you.

The E-Bike Subsidy Program

Luxembourg's response to this issue is the E-Bike subsidy program, designed to empower you to transition to E-bikes with ease:

  • E-Bike Subsidy Calculation: Access an E-Bike subsidy for your new electric bike, amounting to an impressive 50% of the E-bike's cost, minus VAT.
  • Maximum Bonus: Enjoy the maximum E-Bike subsidy of 600 euros, or a subsidy of 300 euros if your purchase falls between January 1, 2019, and March 31, 2024.
  • Purchase Freedom: Take advantage of ultimate purchase flexibility. Whether you buy your E-bike in Luxembourg, abroad, or online, you remain eligible for this E-Bike subsidy, including popular E-bike models like the 50 Rebels 250W E-bikes.

Unlocking Savings with Reduced VAT Rates: Luxembourg's Smart Move to Encourage E-Bike Adoption

Bid farewell to high VAT rates and embrace the cost-saving benefits of reduced VAT for E-bikes:

  • Reduced VAT Rate: Luxembourg applies a reduced VAT rate of 8% for bicycles, including E-bikes. Until December 31, 2023, this rate drops even lower to 7%.
  • All-Inclusive: The reduced VAT rate covers not only E-bike purchases but also rental and repair services, ensuring that every aspect of E-bike ownership remains financially accessible.

Living in Luxembourg? Don't Wait,ย Pick yourย E-Bikeย Today!

Luxembourg's E-Bike subsidy program and reduced VAT rates make eco-friendly mobility more affordable and accessible. Explore your options, seize the opportunity to save, and contribute to a cleaner and greener future with E-bikes.

For more information about eligible E-bike models and how you can take advantage of the 7% VAT rate until December 31, 2023, leaveย us your contact here and we get in touch. Or if you prefer, you canย contact us atย Or, apply here for your discount code.

Harness the benefits of Luxembourg's E-Bike subsidy program and ride toward a sustainable future with significant savings on E-bikes.ย 

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