With an electric bike to the Arctic Circle - Vanlife with e-bike and Denis Wald

With an electric bike to the Arctic Circle - Vanlife with e-bike and Denis Wald

Denis Wald, a brand in his own right. With his van and the UNI MK, he is currently on vanlife trips across Northern Europe. To the Arctic Circle. In winter... It couldn't be an easier destination for the adventurer and vanlifer. We accompany his journey with van and UNI MK - of course with his own pictures!

Who is Denis Wald?

Denis Wald is a photographer, author, adventurer, UNI MK driver - and cancer survivor. After his cancer diagnosis in Greece and his surgery in Germany, he started writing a book about himself and his illness - and his adventures! Self-published and without commercial interest. The proceeds go entirely to a charitable project to help other people in similar situations. We were impressed by this courage to face life and his thirst for adventure - it fits perfectly with us and what we want to convey with our bikes - not to mention the fact that Denis' photos are simply cool. 

When Denis introduced us to his latest project, a van trip to the Arctic Circle (and then to the Sahara), we were immediately excited.

From now on, we accompany Denis on his van journey - and of course with his e-bike. (Even though it can get quite cold on an MK in the Arctic Circle... so it's always best to take the battery with you in the warm van).

electric fat bike fall UNI MK e bike

First stop: Arvidsjaur- with the UNI MK through Sweden

After long planning, we finally set off on 1 November: by van towards Lapland! On 12 November, the group arrived in Arvidsjaur, Sweden. They are visiting friends on a husky farm. It's nice to see the UNI MK cruising along in the snow next to a husky sled.

Deni's comment: "What's it like? Cold is all I can say ;-) At the moment - 10 degrees." Who would have thought it? :-D

Denis Wald - Photo shoot with e-bike at the Arctic Circle 

We continue our journey through Sweden directly to the Arctic Circle. Seeing the aurora borealis and, above all, photographing it, of course. We have rarely seen such cool pictures of our UNI MK e-bike. And as you can see, the bike is absolutely winter-proof - and snow-proof. 

e bike winter ride van life

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