50 Rebels - The E-Fatbikes from Portugal

50 Rebels - the affordable fat e-bikes made in Portugal. We do things our own way: with beauty, style and quality. Ideal for young rebels who love moped style! Because 50 Rebels produces high quality 20x4 electric bikes at affordable prices in Portugal. Equipped with a hand-sewn saddle with a seat height of 86 cm, the ultimate Classic Angels handlebars and All-Terrain 20x4 tires, your freedom is limitless!

The exclusive 50 Rebels features

Premium Electromotor

Bafang high performance rear hub motor, in 250W, 500W or 750W power options. Provides the true feeling of freedom and pushes with up to 85 Nm of torque.

Elite-Battery System

The best battery cells on the market, with 21700 Tesla-sized cells. We have located the absolute number one battery for our bikes and stand by them as the ultimate power source.

Integrated screen

Crystal clear Bigstone system display that conveys all important information at a glance. Speed, distance, ride information, battery and light status - all in one place.

Classic Angel handlebar

We found the perfect geometry with the backsweep of our handlebars and the headtube angle of our frame that gives that classic, lightweight feel.

Handmade cussion

Non-slip, waterproof bench, handmade in Portugal. Inspired by motorcycle seats, with a seat height of 85 - 87 cm.


CST Megatane 20x4 tires for riding on roads, trails and more. With a fat tread to absorb the bumps, large knobs for optimum grip and a premium rubber compound.

Front and rear light

Super bright front and rear lights that plug into the brain of the bike, with the rear light coming on automatically when you step on the brake. Turn the high beams on or off with the handlebar control panel.

50 Rebels e-bikes? Your advantages at a glance.

✔ Distinctive motorcycle style handcrafted for you
✔ Multi-terrain moped tires for fun all the way
✔ Comfort on all your trails
✔ High-torque drive for effortlessly bridging inclines
✔ Pure riding pleasure with enormous range

We'll find your style.

Handmade for you

Just for you

3 years warranty

on frame components

Ready to drive immediately

Comes fully assembled

Award winning Design

Best Utility Bike of the Year

World class customer support

We are always there for you

Handmade in Portugal

"We believe that there is no better place to manufacture bicycles than Portugal, Europe's largest bicycle manufacturing country. That's why we set out to find the best manufacturers to offer you affordable and high quality bikes. We produce as much as possible here in Europe and are committed to being a European company, from Portugal to Sweden"
- 50 Rebels