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Urban Drivestlye and 50 Rebels

We from 50 Rebels Company are excited and proud to have organised not only full spare part support for all Urban Drivestyle Fans and Customers for the EU, but are also able to ship new bikes and accessories directly from our warehouse in Portugal!

Your 3 steps to be back riding your UD Bike in Peace.

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Step one: Register with 50 Rebels

In order to prepare and organise spare part supply, new components and cool accessories, you can help us by creating a customer account.

This is done in just a few seconds and we will reward you with a 10 % all-time discount on all spare parts and extras!

Get connected

Step two: Join the Community

We are proud to have been warmly welcomed by the existing UD community.

So If you have not already done so, join the official Facebook support group, where you will find an answer to almost any question, inspiration and simply a great gang of riders to meet up and chat with!

Urban Drivestyle UNI MK moped style electric bike. Electric motorcycle for two persons

Register and save 10 %

Step three: Stay tuned!

50 Rebels will always keep improving the famous and iconic designs from Urban Drivestyle even further, offer new parts and components and we are already working on cool new stuff to make your beloved UD Mk and SW even more useful and cooler!

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More questions you may have

We are aware that the closure of Urban Drivestyle Berlin may have left you with some urgent questions and doubts, so let us try to address the most frequently asked question right here:

Warranty and Legal

Unfortunately, 50 Rebels can not provide any warranty or free exchange of parts or components purchased from Urban Drivestyle Berlin. We will try to help as much as we can and our main concern is to make spare parts available at a very good price.

That said, all e-bikes and parts purchased directly from us are of course covered by all EU laws and warranty regulations!

If you register your UD bike with us, you will receive a 10 % base discount and access to great deals!


50 Rebels Company has been a close partner of Urban Drivestyle throughout 2022 and the closure of the German production hit us just as surprisingly as everyone else. Our goal is not to profit from the downfall of UD but rather help the community around these amazing e-bikes to be supported even after the insolvency.

Fortunately, all UD Bikes and parts are still available from the original Taiwan plant and they ramped up production for us very quickly to keep up the supply and to meet the demand for new bikes.

We did not buy anything second-hand or new from UD Berlin and all our products are originally manufactured by our orders and specs to meet our high level of quality expectations.

Parts and Components

Of course! All UD bikes have been continuously manufactured by our partner in Taiwan since 2016 and we are proud to be the exclusive distributor for them. All bikes go through final assembly in Portugal and are shipped in the same or better Quality than from Berlin.

Yes, we are. 50 Rebels has been manufacturing e-bikes in Europe since 2019 and we have an excellent track record in all aspects of our business. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any further questions!

Urban Drivestyle in Berlin has produced a wide range of different vehicles indifferent versions/ variants and set-ups.

At the time, we can only support the original "Uni Moke" and "Uni Swing" with Bafang drive, torque sensor and Silverfish type batteries. We currently strive to also find and source parts for UDX, STX versions and Boost Scooters, but as all parts that where still in Berlin where sold off to different sources, so that may take some time.

Just subscribe to our newsletter and sign-up to make sure to get the actual status on those bikes and versions!