Cheap used cars - How much does a car really cost?

Buying cheap used cars can be an excellent way to save money, but it's essential to make informed choices to ensure the investment is worthwhile. Do you know how much a car really costs? In this article, we'll guide you through the main websites where you can find cheap cars, listing some of the sites where you can find this information. In addition, we'll assess the true annual cost of owning a car in Europe and compare it with a cheaper transport alternative which, according to our calculations, means a saving of around 2500€ at the end of the year.


When buying a cheap used car, there are several precautions to take into account. It is essential to always check the vehicle's history to identify any previous accidents, maintenance records, and the number of previous owners. Take a test drive to assess the car's performance and, if possible, take it to a trusted mechanic to avoid unpleasant surprises. Last but not least, you should check that all the documentation is in order, from the ownership register to the latest inspection form.

What's the Real Cost of Owning a Car?

To find the best deals on cheap used cars, there are several reliable websites you can consult. Some of the most popular in Europe include AutoScout24, Leboncoin and Marktplaats. On all of them you'll find various options, but the most reliable brands to bet on are Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi. Although there are several brands and models, it's very difficult to buy a car in good condition that costs less than €4,000. Fortunately, there is a more economical and sustainable option - we'll explain everything below.

To better illustrate the associated costs, we assume that the average European commutes approximately 6,283km annually for work.. We have included in our calculations reference values for the Single Road Tax, possible maintenance costs, the Periodic Inspection, car parking, insurance, and fuel/electricity.

Assuming that a car consumes 6 liters of petrol to cover 100 km and that the price of petrol is 1.75 €/liter, the cost of covering 100 km would be 6 liters × 1.75€/liter = 10.50€. To travel 6283.2 km, the cost would be 62.832 × 10.50€, resulting in approximately 660.74*€.

Fortunately, we have now explored a more economical and sustainable means of transport, e-bikes. Assuming that an e-bike consumes an average of 0.5 kWh to travel 100 km, with the cost of electricity at 0.21 €/kWh, the cost of traveling 100 km would be 0.5 kWh × 0.21 €/kWh = 0.105 €. To travel 6283.2 km, the cost would be 62.832 × 0.105 €, resulting in approximately 6.60**€.

Vehicle Car E-Bike
Purchase Price 4 000,00€ 2 500€
Fuel 660,74€* 6,60€**
Circulation Tax 150,00€ 0€
Insurance 960,00€ 180€
Inspection 66,00€ 0€
Maintenance 1 000,00€ 36€
Parking 400,00€ 0€
Total 6 576,00€ 2 716,00€

In practical terms, it's not just the financial costs that need to be taken into account. As well as promoting an active and healthy lifestyle, bicycles are much more versatile than a car and will certainly save you many hours of frustration and anxiety associated with traffic and parking. At the same time as you commute, you're pedalling and therefore exercising. In this case, the electric part makes it much easier to pedal and work on your fitness, but of course without too much effort. It's ideal for those carrying heavy loads such as shopping, surfboards or even people.

In short, choosing an e-bike over a car not only represents a smarter financial decision but also offers numerous additional benefits. Along with annual savings on costs such as fuel, maintenance, and insurance, e-bikes promote a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. With the ability to avoid traffic and other driving issues, e-bikes offer a more efficient and relaxing way to get around. Additionally, the regular physical exercise promoted by e-bike use contributes to both mental and physical health. So, when considering an alternative form of transport, know that the e-bike stands out as an economical, practical, and beneficial choice for your personal well-being.



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