Unlocking Family Adventures: Introducing the New 50 Rebels R-Series E-Bike Frame with Kid-Friendly Features

Unlocking Family Adventures: Introducing the New 50 Rebels R-Series E-Bike Frame with Kid-Friendly Features

Are you ready to revolutionize your family outings? We're thrilled to introduce the latest innovation from 50 Rebels – the all-new R-Series e-bike frame. Designed with your family in mind, this groundbreaking frame comes equipped with front footrests and an extended seat, offering a safe and comfortable way to transport your little one on your e-bike adventures.

A parente in a 50 Rebels e-bike with a kid seated in the front of the new R-Series frame with front frame foopegs and extended seat

Discover the Features:

1. Front Footrests for Little Travel Companions: Say goodbye to awkward balancing acts and hello to worry-free rides with the addition of front footrests on the R-Series frame. These strategically placed footrests provide a secure spot for your child to sit comfortably, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey for both rider and passenger.

2. Extended Seat for Enhanced Comfort: The R-Series frame boasts a larger seat, providing ample space for you and your child. Crafted with comfort in mind, the extended seat allows for a secure and cozy ride, so you can focus on the road ahead while creating lasting memories together. Safety aspects of riding with children: A descriptive analysis of adult riders' self-report presents active transport, including cycling, as being promoted as an effective way of increasing children's physical activity and health.

Safety First:

We understand that safety is your top priority when it comes to family adventures. The 50 Rebels R-Series frame is meticulously engineered to meet stringent safety standards. The robust construction, along with the strategically positioned footrests and extended seat, ensures a stable and secure ride for both you and your child. Don't forget to use a helmet as well.

Embark on Family Adventures:

Imagine exploring your favorite trails, navigating through the city, or enjoying a leisurely ride in the countryside – all with your little one by your side. The new R-Series frame opens up a world of possibilities for family outings, making every journey an exciting adventure. Find out more about the benefits of cycling with babies and toddlers.

Why Choose 50 Rebels:

1. Innovative Design: Our commitment to innovation shines through in the thoughtfully designed R-Series frame. We believe in pushing boundaries to enhance your riding experience and cater to the unique needs of your family.

50 Rebels e-bike frames beeing welded

2. Quality Craftsmanship: At 50 Rebels, quality is non-negotiable. The R-Series frame is crafted with precision and care, ensuring durability and longevity. Trust in a brand that values excellence in every detail.

3. Family-Focused: We understand the importance of family, and that's why the R-Series frame is engineered to accommodate your loved ones comfortably and safely. Experience the joy of family biking like never before.


The new 50 Rebels R-Series e-bike frame is a game-changer for families seeking a safe and enjoyable way to explore the world together. With front footrests and an extended seat, this innovative frame brings a new dimension to family biking, allowing you to create lasting memories with your little one by your side. Embrace the future of family adventures – explore with 50 Rebels.

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