The bikes are limited to 25 km/h.

However, if you sign a waiver you can access the speed limit and push it to the speeds mentioned below, to be used on private roads

250W - 32-33 km/h

500W - 35-37 km/h

750W - 42-45 km/h

Mechanical brakes are usually enough for most people. Hydraulic brakes are more direct, always brake on exactly the same pressure and don't make a grinding noise when you pull the lever.

4 led lamps each 3w, 334 lumen total.

At the standard spec it’s 29kg.

No, at the moment we only sell complete bikes.


This is the legal limit in the EU for the bike to be legally a bicycle (EPAC) - everything more is counted as a speed pedelec and needs license and insurance.


This is only legal in Switzerland & Austria for EPACs. It means a little more top speed and more power on the hills.


This is basically an electric motorcycle. It gets anyone up a hill with no pedalling. But especially in the northern countries this is highly illegal on public roads without type-approval and license and registration. If you live in the countryside with no police and a lot of non-public roads, it's fun to ride. But really not a bicycle anymore...

The seat height is between 85cm (front) and 87cm (back). It can not be adjusted in height, but you can manage it by sliding more to the back or the front, like on a motorcycle.

All technical data is the same for both models. The frame is different, this leads to a different riding experience depending on the model. The V-Series has a low step-in. This makes it easier to get on and off, especially when carrying a heavy load.

15ah: 48V

20ah: 48V

Yes, you can ride it with two people. We even have footpegs for your second passenger, that makes the ride very comfortable. The legal maximum load is 135kg, but it is a steel frame, so it is very strong and can handle more than that.

Basically, our bike is for people between 1.6 - 2m, so yes, our frame is made for tall people. Two of our team are around 1.9m and the bikes fit us absolutely fine. We have a customer that is a little over 2m and he also loves the bike.

15ah - 50-60km

20ah - 70-80km

Please note that range largely depends on weight, landscape (hills), motor strength and which assistance level you choose.

We have a thumb throttle that we can add to your bike, that is not a problem. It costs €39- and can be added per plug&play, as the connector is already on the bike. You will have to sign a document saying that you know the use of a thumb throttle is illegal when used on public roads in the EU.

We reserve the right not to give a warranty on the engine if the thumb throttle is installed. if you have further questions regarding this please contact us: sales@50rebels.com

Support & Warranty

Manufacturer's warranty on the frame is 3 years, the electric parts have 1 year warranty (incl. the battery).

We reserve the right not to give a warranty on the engine if the thumb throttle is installed. if you have further questions regarding this please contact us: sales@50rebels.com

If you have mechanical issues with your bike, it’s usually easiest to take it to your local bike shop for help.


Our bikes are built with parts from the biggest brands in the world but in a very modular way. We have a Bafang motor (whose EU headquarters are in Amsterdam), Shimano gear system and Tektro brakes, Hailong battery with Samsung Cells (which is standard on many ebikes), Bafang display and Higo-Connectors. If a shop knows e-Bikes, they will recognise these parts and can easily fix it.


Our bikes can also often be fixed by you or with our help. There are 4 critical parts that need to be checked and we have spare parts that can be sent throughout Europe.


We are building a partner network with shops that are also able to fix our bikes and that we can send our customers to and therefore give them more reassurance.

Last resort: Postal service

Our logistics partner (Dachser Logistics) will come pick up the bike for €100.- and bring it to us, we check it here and send you back a fixed bike. This will take 3 weeks until it is back with you. You will get the money back in case the issue falls under the product guarantee - like a burned wire or connector (which is very unlikely).

Orders, Shipping & Delivery

You may have spotted it already on our website, some of our customers are lucky enough to order their bike as a pre-order.

But, what does it mean exactly you may ask ? It’s simple : when you purchase your new e-bike as a pre-order, it means we don’t have all the parts necessary for the assembly of your bike in our factory.  

Practically, what does it mean for you ? Well, it means you will get a discount. And like most things in life, the bigger the discount, the longer the wait for your bike. It could happen (not necessarily mean it would) but it could happen that you will experience delays from the estimated delivery date.

We understand that this can be very disappointing for our customers but, please keep in mind that this is a risk worth taking considering the discount you get when buying a pre-order. One thing we like to emphasize is that what you save in money, you kinda pay with patience. 

Of course, you can always reach out to us if you miss your bike a little bit too much, and we will keep you informed during the waiting time and if there are any delays. There can also be positive surprises like with our R2021 batteries. We were able to source better batteries and took the costs up on us. You can read more about this in our blog article here

Please know that we will always make sure we do everything to keep the best quality and  service.

Austria: €90

Islas Baleares: €190

Belgium: €80

Denmark: €105

Finland: €130

France: €80

Germany: €85

Ireland: €170

Italy: €95

Netherlands: €90

Norway: €255

Poland: 90

Portugal Continental: €70

Portugal Madeira/Azores: €135

Spain: €85

Sweden: €210

Switzerland: €215

UK: €250

The bike comes assembled with two parts to be mounted: pedals need to be put in place & handlebar needs to be put in and tightened. That’s it. Takes about 2 minutes all in all.

When your bike arrives, please be careful when unpacking. If necessary, cut open the cardboard box, then you can roll the bike out.

When cutting open the cable ties on the handlebars, be careful not to drop the handlebars. A hexagon 10 (classic IKEA key) is required to mount the handlebars. Please tighten very, very firmly.

The pedals are marked with R and L. A size 15 or 16 wrench is required for fitting.

The battery should be charged.

In case you have any questions or questions that need to be answered immediately, you will have a personal account manager that will help you

Yes we do. But there are some bigger costs for the custom declaration of a shipment to England of €90.- on top of the shipping costs.

If this is the case, please send an email to sales@50rebels.com with your name and location and we will see if we can give you a custom shipping quote.


It is possible but only for pre-orders. If you want to order a 50 Rebels bike we can arrange a payment plan for you via Bank transfers, but the balance needs to be settled when the bike gets shipped.

If you want to order a 50 Rebels bike we can arrange a payment plan for you via Bank transfers, but the balance needs to be settled when the bike gets shipped.

In case of dispute the consumer can resort to the European Online Consumer Dispute Resolution Platform, available at:

At this link or to any Consumer Alternative Dispute Resolution Entity.You can consult the updated list of Alternative Dispute Resolution Entities available under article 17 of Law no. 144/2015, of 8 September, on the Consumer Portal, through the website www.consumidor.pt.

Available payment options:

- SEPA Transfer

- Revolut

- Transferwise

- Credit Card

We do not accept Paypal payments or an other form of payment.

The first year is free, after that the subscription runs via the PowUnity app. And costs 39.50 per year.

Other Questions

Once you place your order we will let you know by email.

We currently sold out all our Hydraulic brakes we had available.

We will have them back in stock soon, but we do not have an exact date yet.

You can connect 3w to 6V without any problems. However, many of the round lights are built for motorcycles and are therefore 12w. This can be easily solved with a converter. We don't have them in our offer.

Please have a look at our partner shop page to find the closest shop or rental to you.

Yes! You can remove the battery from the bike and bring it wherever its more convenient for you to charge it. There is also a lock on the battery so it doesn't get stolen or falls off.

Depending on which charger you have the charger will look like a laptop charger or has a 3 pin conector. You can plug it in to normal power outlets. Charging time is around 6/8 Hours.

It is normally powered by the bike battery. It also has an external battery that lasts up to 3 weeks when the bike battery is not installed. You get an instant notification on your phone as soon as your bike starts moving.