V-Serie Woodland
V1 military fat bike
V1 military fat bike
V1 military fat bike
light cafe racer for eletric fat bike
handlebar for fat bike
V-Serie Woodland
V-Serie Woodland

V-Serie Woodland

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Wir stellen die V-Series Classic vor: Wo Barrierefreiheit auf Komfort trifft

  • Ledergriffe: Verbessere deinen Griff mit Stil und Komfort.
  • Vee Tires Mission Command Beige 20x4: Bewege dich auf jedem Terrain mit Leichtigkeit und Beständigkeit.
  • Cafe Racer Rücklicht (Rotes LED): Verleiht ein Retro-Flair und erhöht die Sichtbarkeit.
  • Handgemachter Sitz für zwei: Entworfen für Komfort und Funktionalität bei jeder Fahrt.
  • Bis zu 100km Reichweite: Genieße weite Fahrten!
  • Abnehmbare Batterie: Einfaches Aufladen an jedem Ort für andauerndes Abenteuer.
  • "V"-förmiger Rahmen: Erleichtert das Auf- und Absteigen für Fahrer aller Größen und jeder Art von Fahrerfahrung.


We provide various financing options for the countries in which we operate.

Simply choose the 'Credit' payment method at checkout, and our team will reach out to you.

Check the Specs!

The Seat

Our seat is waterproof, designed for 2 people, and crafted to offer you the most comfort while you ride.

If you wish, you can also explore accessories such as the child seat, allowing you to transport your kids safely and comfortably!

The Battery

This military green V-Series comes with a 20Ah battery, providing an average range of 100 km.

Our batteries are removable for convenient charging and storage. Powered by top-notch EVE cells, these batteries provide long-lasting performance.

Configure Your E-Bike

The Motor

50 Rebels' e- bikes have several motor options:

  • 250W: Legal limit for EPACs (Electric Pedal-Assisted Cycles) in the EU.
  • 500W: Legal in Portugal, Italy & Switzerland.
  • 750W: Street-legal in Portugal & Denmark. Outside these countries, it's like an electric motorcycle.

Our motors are known for their efficiency, providing up to 80Nm of torque at 250W and 85Nm at 750W.

The Frame

Our unique V-Frame design offers effortless step-through style for easy mounting and dismounting. Therefore, it is perfect for riders of all types, prioritizing comfort and convenience.

Configure your V-Series e-bike with accessories like footpegs, cargo racks, and more to craft the ideal ride tailored to your preferences.

The Lights

This model includes the distinctive 50 Rebels front bar light. It is both subtle and powerful, providing the illumination you need for safe night rides.

On the back, it has a cafe racer style light, which is the perfect complement to this limited edition!

The Brakes

Enhance your E-Bike's performance with customizable brakes. Whether you prefer mechanical or hydraulic brakes, we offer options to suit your riding style.

Contact us and we help you configuring your E-Bike!

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The Tires

The tires are the soul of this e-bike!

The 20x4 beige Vee Mission Command tires give this model a unique, rugged military style.

The Grips

To perfectly match the frame and tire colors, this military V-Series version comes with leather grips.

These grips, beyond adding style, provide a unique feel while riding!

Reichweite | 70 km mit 15Ah Batterie ODER 100 km mit 20Ah Batterie
Ladezeit | 6-8 Stunden
Batterie | 720Wh (48V 15Ah) ODER 960Wh (48V 20Ah)
Motor | 250W / 500W / 750W
Sensor | PAS (Trittsensor)
Schaltung & Hinterer Schaltwerkswechsel | 7-Gang

Fahrzeuggewicht | 29 kg
Länge x Breite x Höhe (cm) | 166; 70; 106-112
Maximalgewicht Fahrer | 135 kg
Sitzhöhe | 85 cm (vorne am Sitz) / 87 cm (hinten am Sitz)

Rahmen | Karbonstahl
Bremsen | Mechanische Tektro
Reifen | CST Megatane 20 x 4
Schläuche | 20 x 4

Scheinwerfer | Weißes LED-Licht
Rücklicht | Rotes LED-Licht

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We Help You

We know that buying an e-bike is a big decision. That's why we are here to help you, no matter what your question is.

Try us—we are really fast at replying! And don't be shy; we are looking forward to meeting you. Don't worry about languages—we speak English, German, Spanish, French, and Portuguese!

We know what you are wondering!

Yes! According to the Portuguese Road Traffic Legislation (91º Article), and to the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVo) amendment 2021, it is expressly permitted to take one person on a bicycle, provided that the vehicle offers a seating option intended for this purpose, i.e. it is built and equipped for the transport of two persons (seat and support for the feet).

Our e-bikes allow, depending on the model, to accommodate one or two children in the front or back of the long seat as long as they are transported in safety. For toddlers / babies we offer child seats and foot protectors.

Of course, children can also be taken along in approved children's transport trailers

The bikes are limited to 25 km/h.

However, if you sign a waiver you can access the speed limit and push it to the speeds mentioned below, to be used on private roads

250W - 32-33 km/h

500W - 35-37 km/h

750W - 42-45 km/h

We offer 2 different battery types:

- 20 Ah 48V Hailong Battery (920wH) - allows you to ride approximately 100 Km.

- 15 Ah 48V Hailong Battery (720wH) - allows you to ride approximately 70 Km.

Of course, the range depends very much on vehicle type/weight, rider(s) weight, terrain, load, tire pressure and type, wind and road conditions as well as other factors.

Maximum ranges can vary greatly depending on the previous variables.

Yes, you can remove the battery in one easy step and charge and store it at home or in the office!

The frame and the seat of these bikes are specially calculated and designed for two-seater operation.

The legally tested and approved maximum load is 135kg, following the EN 15194 norm. However, our frames have a robust structure designed to support heavy loads.

Our e-bikes are assembled for you by hand and individually equipped for you. After a thorough quality check, we pack the e-bikes in a very elaborately built protective & freight box in almost ready-to-ride condition.

Therefore, delivery times vary depending on order situation, model and equipment - please contact our support team for further delivery details.

We believe that there is no better place to manufacture bicycles than Portugal, Europe's largest bicycle manufacturing country. That's why we set out to find the best manufacturers to offer you affordable and high quality bikes.

We produce as much as possible here in Europe and are committed to being a European company, from Portugal to Sweden.

50 Rebels offers an extended, three-year warranty on the bicycle frame apart from the legally required warranty.

We offer to repair damaged main frames within this period or to exchange them for frames of equal value. It does not have to be an identical frame.

If you have any more questions, please refer to our main FAQ Page.

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Urban Iki 50 Rebels Child Seat for 50 Rebels e-bikes
Urban Iki 50 Rebels Child Seat for 50 Rebels e-bikes. Detail
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Urban Iki 50 Rebels Child Seat for 50 Rebels e-bikes
Urban Iki 50 Rebels Child Seat for 50 Rebels e-bikes. Detail
CHF 93.72

Our Customers' Opinions:


Great bike, everthing works perfect and looking cool. Bike drives verry comfortable on and off road.

John S.



Never thought that it would be so smooth to ride. It’s very stabil and steady when riding! Really love the design and craftsman ship on it.

Hans J.



The quality is amazing

Shawn C.

United Kingdom


I love the Bike

António A.