Benfica meets 50 Rebels Company

Benfica meets 50 Rebels Company

As a portuguese e-bike brand we are really satisfied to announce our first national partnership, with Sport Lisboa e Benfica! This is a collab that makes us especially proud, uniting two brands that promote Portugal in the world and that together intend to build a successful path.

About the bike

The new Benfica x 50 Rebels bicycle aims to elevate the irreverent, rebellious, and confident spirit that Benfica athletes take to the field and that now fans will also be able to take with them wherever they go on a daily basis.

This limited edition Benfica X 50 Rebels is only available in the R-Series model, and in two different colors. The black & white one is closer to the 50 Rebels brand and the gray & red one is closer to the Benfica colors. 

There are also several design details that stand out:

On the mudguard we can find the “25 de Abril” bridge as a reference to Lisbon and the junction of the two banks of the Tagus river. The sports lines in this location and also on the frame represent the tradition of the various sports of the club and the letters SLB in the pedal center serve as a tribute to the cycling tradition of Benfica. The motto "E pluribus unum" always visible to the rider on the steering center and the logo on the seat are details that make this product officially Benfica!

About Benfica X 50Rebels Collab

This collaboration is for us the union between two brands that proudly take Portugal to the various corners of the world. If on one hand Benfica can be seen in several countries as an ambassador of the Portuguese community, on the other hand 50 Rebels carries the flag of quality and experience of handcrafted bicycle production that few know that Portugal has!

While 50 Rebels takes electric bikes all over Europe, SLB brings home several European sport titles!

This partnership is also a tribute to the genesis of this great sports club: cycling. This was the main sport of the Sport Benfica Group when, in 1908, it joined Sport Lisboa and together they started to form Sport Lisboa e Benfica as we know it today. A curiosity that few will know, but which remains registered through the bicycle wheel present in the Benfica symbol!

For 50 Rebels, producing an electric bicycle in collaboration with this brand made perfect sense, allowing us to pay tribute to the history and symbolism of a brand as national as Benfica, and combine that with the desire to innovate and bring the brand into the present day of electric mobility.

This limited edition Benfica X 50 Rebels is now available online ready to order! As with all the 50 Rebels bikes, the bikes are sent to production only when you place an order, with an expected delivery time of 4-6 weeks!

Those who want to see and "feel" this product live, will be able to see it the official Benfica store in Estádio da Luz!

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