E-Bike Subsidies in Switzerland

As Switzerland continues its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives, the promotion of electric bikes has emerged as a key strategy for reducing emissions and promoting greener transportation alternatives.

With an array of subsidies and incentives available across various municipalities, navigating the landscape of electric bike subsidies can be overwhelming.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the top five most impactful subsidies in Switzerland, providing valuable insights into how individuals and businesses can benefit from these initiatives. Additionally, we'll explore other available subsidies to offer a holistic view of the opportunities for embracing electric bikes in Switzerland. 

Main E-Bike Subsidies in Switzerland:


  • Amount: Up to 1,000 CHF

The FDD offers a substantial subsidy of up to 1,000 CHF, covering 20% of the cost of a new electric bike or electric bike kit. This incentive is available to individuals, families, or companies residing in Montreux, encouraging widespread adoption of electric bikes as a sustainable mode of transportation.


  • Amount: Up to 1,000 CHF

Through the Communal Fund for Energy and Sustainable Development (FEDD), the City of Vevey offers generous grants for various projects aligned with the city's energy, climate, and sustainability policies. Individuals and professionals in Vevey can benefit from subsidies for electric bike purchases, among other initiatives aimed at promoting eco-friendly practices.


  • Amount: 600 CHF

Sierre provides financial aid for mobility, supporting the purchase of bikes and electric scooters, as well as standard bikes and electric cars. This comprehensive subsidy program reflects the city's commitment to sustainable mobility and energy efficiency, offering significant incentives to encourage residents to embrace greener transportation options.


  • Amount: 600 CHF

The Commune of Ollon offers subsidies specifically for the purchase of electric bicycles from specialized stores located in the Canton of VAUD. While the subsidy amount is substantial, buyers must ensure the eligibility of the store before making their purchase to qualify for the incentive.


  • Amount: Up to 400 CHF for electric bikes

Lausanne provides grants for purchasing electric bikes, bike batteries, and electric scooters from approved stores in the city. With grants covering up to 15% of the purchase price for electric bikes, residents have a compelling incentive to transition to sustainable modes of transportation.

e-bike subsidies in Switzerland

Other Subsidies Available:

    Municipality Subsidy Amount
    Epalinges Financial incentive for electric bikes, batteries, electric scooters/motorcycles, or charging station 300 CHF
    Chavornay Subsidies available through the Municipal fund for renewable energy and sustainable development 200 CHF
    Jorat-Mézières Subsidy for the purchase of an electric bicycle 200 CHF
    Chigny Subsidies related to the funds for promoting renewable energy and sustainable development 300 CHF
    Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne Subsidy request form for mobility following the purchase of an electric bike 300 CHF
    Bellevue Subsidy for the purchase of a new electric assisted bike (EBB) 300 CHF
    Bussigny Subsidies available for public subsidies, including ebikes 300 CHF
    Chardonne Financial aid of 10% of the cost of the bike for the purchase of an electric bike 300 CHF
    Lonay Subsidy of CHF 300 for the purchase of a new electric bike 300 CHF
    Renens Contribution of 20% of the purchase cost of a new electric bicycle 400 CHF
    La Sarraz Subsidy for electric bicycles and electric scooters 300 CHF
    Leysin Subsidies for the purchase of a new electric bike or scooter 400 CHF
    Lutry Subsidy of 10% of the cost of the bike up to a maximum of CHF 300 300 CHF
    Mex Municipal grant for the purchase of an electric bicycle/scooter 300 CHF
    Morges Energy optimization grant applies to the purchase of an electric bike 300 CHF
    Mies Subsidy of CHF 200 for purchasing an electric bicycle 200 CHF
    Tolochenaz Subsidies for energy saving and soft mobility 300 CHF
    Ecublens Subsidy for the purchase of electric bikes 400 CHF
    Founex Subsidy of up to 10% for the purchase of an electrically assisted bicycle 500 CHF
    Geneva Subsidy for "soft mobility" for the purchase or long-term rental of a cargo bike 500 CHF
    Aubonne Subsidized purchase of child seats and trailers -
    Allaman Subsidy of up to CHF 500 for the purchase of an electric bike or scooter 500 CHF

    (Note: Subsidy amounts are subject to change and may vary based on eligibility criteria and availability of funds.)


    While we strive to provide up-to-date information on electric bike subsidies in Switzerland, the landscape of incentives may evolve over time.

    We welcome any contributions or updates from readers who may have additional insights or information on available subsidies. Together, we can continue to support and promote sustainable transportation initiatives across Switzerland.

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