Portuguese Residents can now save up to €1000 on all 50 Rebels Bikes

50 Rebels V-Series and R-Series e-bikes

In a combination of a VAT tax change in Portugal and cash reimbursements through Fundo Ambiental (state subsidies) it is now possible to acquire 50 Rebels bikes for up to €1000 less than the asking price on our website. Let us explain to you how it works. 


VAT Reduction

In an effort to support the change of urban mobility, the Portuguese state assembly decided to drop the VAT rate on bicycles and electric bicycles to 6%. This is possible because the EU laws allowed this in 2021 and Portugal is now the first European Country to implement this measure. Here at 50 Rebels, we give you this VAT reduction in the form of a discount code that can range up to €550.- depending on the model you like. Apply for the discount code here.

50 Rebels electric bicycle with child seat with a child


Fundo Ambiental €500 Cashback


Just recently the Fundo Ambiental program for bicycle subsidies finally opened for 2023 again. This means if you are registered in Portugal, you get €500 back from Fundo Ambiental on your purchase of a 50 Rebels bike. We will support you with the right documentation but be quick, the subsidies are limited to 4550 people in 2023. It is first come first serve, so make sure you profit from it.

In summary, you can save up to €1000 on 50 Rebels bikes when you combine these two measures together. You can acquire an R-Series and 15ah battery for as low as €1560 and join the rebellion. Leave us your contact here and we get in touch. Or contact us directly through:

Email: sales@50rebels.com
Phone/WhatsApp: +351910056615

Municipal Support in Portugal

Some municipalities allocate funds to support people who wish to opt for electric mobility, particularly for the purchase of electric bicycles. You should check with your municipality to see if such support is available, or you can visit our subsidies page to search for assistance that fits your situation (we strive to keep this page up-to-date, but we advise you to contact your municipality to ensure there are no new developments).

The municipality of Braga is an excellent example. On October 26, 2023, they launched a new support program for residents who want to acquire electric bicycles. This support will be in effect for one year or until the budget allocation is exhausted. The assistance is up to €200 for electric bicycles and up to €1500 for electric bicycles falling under the "cargo bike" category. You can review the regulations at this link and submit your application through the "Balcão Único".


Nuestras bicicletas eléctricas

Tenemos 6 modelos diferentes para que los explore y personalice según sus necesidades.