Subsidies in Belgium

In Belgium, the transition towards sustainable transportation is gaining momentum, with various incentives in place to encourage the adoption of electric bicycles (e-bikes).

These subsidies not only promote eco-friendly mobility but also contribute to reducing carbon emissions and alleviating traffic congestion. Let's explore some of the noteworthy e-bike purchase subsidies available across different municipalities in Belgium.

Top 5 Subsidies:

  1. Wanze: €500.00

    • Description: Residents of Wanze can apply for a communal grant towards the purchase of electrically-assisted bicycles or adaptable kits. The grant amount is determined based on the income category of the applicant, emphasizing the municipality's commitment to promoting soft modes of transport.
  2. Marche-en-Famenne: €300.00

    • Description: The City of Marche-en-Famenne offers a substantial subsidy equivalent to 30% of the invoice amount, with a ceiling based on gross taxable income, for the purchase of electric assist bicycles. This initiative aims to incentivize residents to embrace eco-friendly mobility options.
  3. Mons: €400.00

    • Description: In Mons, individuals can benefit from a grant equal to 20% of the purchase price, capped at €400, for various sustainable mobility solutions including electric-assisted bikes or kits, cargo bikes, electric scooters, or gyroroues. Additionally, a €20 grant is provided for the purchase of a lock.
  4. Uccle/Ukkel: €250.00

    • Description: The Municipality of Uccle offers a significant subsidy of €250 in the form of gift vouchers for the purchase of electric-assisted bikes, electric adaptation kits, or cargo bikes. This initiative is aligned with regional objectives to quadruple bicycle usage by 2030.
  5. Mont-Saint-Guibert: €200.00

    • Description: Residents of Mont-Saint-Guibert can avail of a subsidy amounting to 20% of the purchase price, up to €200, for new or refurbished electrically assisted bicycles or electric adaptation kits. This subsidy encourages active travel and cycling within the municipality.

e-bike subsidies in Belgium

Summary Table of E-Bike Subsidies Across Belgium

We have diligently compiled a comprehensive list of all available subsidies for e-bike purchases in Belgium based on our thorough research.

However, if there are additional subsidies or updates that we may have missed, we greatly appreciate any information or feedback from our readers. Keeping such a list up to date is a collaborative effort, and your contributions are invaluable in ensuring that everyone has access to the most current information regarding e-bike subsidies.

Below is the list of subsidies for e-bike purchases in Belgium:

Municipality Subsidy Description Amount
Ottignies-Louvain-Le-Neuve Residents can receive a prime for purchasing new e-bikes, including electric assistance and adaptable kits, as well as cargo, family, and folding bikes. €100.00
Perwez Grants are available for the purchase of new adult-sized bicycles, which can be electric, traditional, cargo, folding, with 2 or 3 wheels, or for an adaptation kit. Each household can benefit from two grants every 4 years. €100.00
Villers-la-Ville The municipality offers an incentive for electric bikes purchases, with the possibility of obtaining €100. In collaboration with the Walloon Region, the buyer could obtain €300 in subsidies. €100.00
Seraing Residents can receive a grant for the purchase of a new electric-assisted bicycle or adaptation kit, with a maximum of €100 for an electric-assisted bicycle and €40 for an adaptation kit. €100.00
Ellezelles A subsidy of up to €130 is provided for the purchase of a new electric assist bicycle, aiming to promote soft modes of transportation and cycling among citizens. €130.00
Fernelmont The municipality offers a grant equal to 10% of the invoice amount, with a ceiling of €125 per electric bicycle or kit purchased by any person. €125.00
Ganshoren An incentive of 15% of the purchase price, up to a maximum of €150 for electric-assisted bicycles and €300 for cargo bikes, is available to residents over 18 years old. €150.00
Grâce-Hollogne A grant of up to 30% of the purchase price, with a minimum of €100 and maximum of €300 for the purchase of e-bikes, is provided, aiming to encourage residents to use bicycles as a means of transportation. €300.00
Héron The municipality offers a grant of up to €400 for the purchase of an electric-assisted bike or an adaptable kit, aiming to encourage citizens to bicycle, provide secure mobility, and reduce CO2 emissions. €400.00
Jurbise Grants for classic and electric bicycles are available, with a grant of 10% of the bicycle's purchase value, capped at €25 for a regular bicycle and €100 for an electric motor-assisted bicycle. €100.00
La Hulpe Subsidies for e-bike purchases were granted until 2021, aiming to encourage soft mobility. However, the subsidies were discontinued in 2022, with the budget allocated to a shared bikes project. €200.00
Mechelen The City of Mechelen provided a subsidy for bakfiets-driving entrepreneurs in the past four years, totaling over €100,000, to encourage sustainable mobility, but no subsidy regulation was announced for the coming years yet. Not specified
Engis Engis Municipal Administration grants a bonus for the purchase of new bikes, including electric-assisted bikes, with a bonus ranging from 10-30% and a maximum of €250, depending on the household's reference income. €250.00
Chastre Chastre offers a subsidy for the purchase of e-bikes, providing a grant of €100 to encourage residents to opt for electric bicycles as an eco-friendly mode of transportation. €100.00
Incourt Incourt provides a subsidy for e-bike purchases, offering a grant of €100 to promote sustainable transportation options among residents. €100.00
Ittre The Municipal Council offers a subsidy for the purchase of electrically assisted bikes or adaptable kits, with a grant of €50 available to residents. €50.00
Wallonia Wallonia provides a bonus for e-bike purchases, with the amount ranging up to a maximum of 20% of the purchase price and ceilings ranging from €50 to €400, depending on the type of bike. Up to €450.00
Antoing Antoing offers a financial incentive for the purchase of new electric bikes, available to individuals with taxable household incomes below €45,000, with a subsidy of €400. €400.00
Amay Amay provides grants for the purchase of electrically assisted bicycles or adaptable kits, with the grant ranging between €50 to €100 depending on the income of the applicant. €100.00
Braine-l'Alleud The Municipality of Braine-l'Alleud grants a subsidy for various bike purchases, including classic bikes, electric-assisted bikes, adaptable kits, electric scooters, or gyro wheels, with a maximum of €100.00 per household. €100.00
Chaudfontaine Chaudfontaine provides an incentive for electric bike purchases, offering a 10% incentive of the purchase price capped at €150, aiming to promote active mobility and reduce car usage. €150.00
Chièvres The municipality offers grants for the purchase of new electric-assisted bicycles, corresponding to 10% of the invoice amount, with a limit of €125 per electric bicycle. €125.00
Court-Saint-Etienne Court-Saint-Etienne offers a grant for the purchase of electrically assisted bicycles, which can be combined with grants from Wallonia, with an annual grant available until 2024. €400.00
Brugge The City of Bruges offers a voucher of €500 for residents who get rid of their cars, which can be used when purchasing a bicycle, encouraging sustainable transportation choices. €500.00


As you explore Belgium's diverse e-bike subsidy landscape, remember to verify eligibility and details with local authorities. Stay tuned to our blog for future updates on e-bike subsidies, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Happy riding!

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