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At Freelandes you can try 50 Rebels' bikes.

You will find R-Series & V-Series models available for free trial!

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Nouvelle Aquitaine - France


Experience exceptional e-bike care at Freelandes. Their specialized team is dedicated to maintaining 50 Rebels e-bikes, ensuring unparalleled performance and reliability for your cycling adventures.


17 rte St Vincent, 40230 Tosse


05 58 48 09 81 &


09:00 - 19:30

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Eco friendly, pet friendly and rebel friendly!!! What an amazing experience! I loved the renting system and soon I’ll buy one. Thanks for all the info on how to use the EU funds to get some recoup of the buying .

César Couto Ferreira

Google Review


An excellent way to explore Porto. The bikes themselves are comfy, easy to use and on the highest setting can go plenty fast. My 8 year old son loved it and would definitely recommend.

Andre Sheky

Google Review


Great bikes with an unique look and feel.
The service of the company is just perfect. Fast answer and action to any concern or wish. I really can recommend this bikes/company with a good conscience.

Fabian Stöckle

Google Review


Superb service and premium quality bikes! Strong recommendation!

Ali S.

Google Review


Making eBikes Great Again! A solid & smart alternative to a car. 🚲 🌈

Kalyan Dutt

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