The Top 5 Cargo Options We've Compiled.

With people increasingly looking for alternative ways of transport, leaving cars aside, transporting cargo is really a necessity. Therefore, we understand that a lot of people want to find out which type of cargo bike exists and how to make sure it will cover all their needs.

cargo bike equipped with back and front racks

Since all 50 Rebels bikes are totally customizable, we will list and overview the 5 must-have cargo accessories, whether you are looking for transporting loads, people, or even a surf or snowboard.

Here is our curated list of cargo bike accessories:

  • Front Cargo Rack
  • Rear Cargo Rack
  • Child Seat
  • Extra-Long Seat
  • Board Rack

Front Cargo Bike Rack

Versatile and practical, our front cargo bike rack can effortlessly carry up to 10KG. What sets it apart? Featuring an additional mount for the front light, ensuring your cargo doesn't obstruct the standard light position.

Please note, the light is not included with this accessory, but you can easily add one to your shopping cart. Our front cargo bike rack is compatible with all 50 Rebels e-bikes.

So, whether you're commuting or embarking on an adventure, our front cargo bike rack is here to enhance your journey!

 front cargo bike rack

Rear Cargo Bike Rack

Solid and reliable, our rear cargo bike rack is built to handle impressive loads of up to 20KG.

What makes it even better? It seamlessly integrates with a variety of child seats and comes equipped with convenient mounting points for carrier adapters. With a width of 160mm and a 135mm distance between mounts, this rack is the perfect fit for all e-bikes by 50 Rebels.

So, whether you're carrying gear or creating a safe spot for your little ones, our rear cargo bike rack has got you covered!

rear cargo bike rack with wood

Child Seat for Rear Cargo Bike Rack

We've teamed up with Urban Iki to bring you an incredible addition to your biking adventures – rear bike seats that seamlessly integrate with our specially designed Back Rack. It's not just a seat; it's a perfect blend of comfort, safety, and style, tailored to enhance your family cycling experience.

Setting up your Urban Iki rear bike seat is a breeze, ensuring that your journey starts with ease and convenience. Crafted with precision, these seats guarantee a safe and secure riding environment for your little ones, catering to kids aged 9 months to 6 years.

Imagine the joy on your child's face as you embark on unforgettable rides together, creating lasting memories.

Child seat on rear cargo bike rack for v-series 50 rebels

Extra Long Seat

Long and elevated, the 50 Rebels extended seat extends all the way to the front of the R-Series, providing safe and comfortable riding for two. Handcrafted in Portugal, its water-resistant and anti-slip material ensures a secure ride for a child in the front. 

Pair with our Front Footpegs for a family ride. Handmade, solid, and simple - the footpegs with an aluminum alloy are designed for pillion riders and children.

These footpegs can be easily swapped between front and rear mountings for flexible use.

50 Rebels extra long seat equipped with front footpegs for kid

Boards Rack - For Surf, Snowboard, or SUP

Introducing the Board Rack for 50 Rebels' e-bikes – the ultimate solution for transporting your sports gear year-round, be it to the beach or the snowy slopes of your favorite ski resorts. Safely transport Surfboards, Wakeboards, Longboards, Stand Up Paddleboards, Snowboards, or Skis.

Designed for simple and secure transportation of your sports equipment with the usual 50 Rebels style! The carrier unit, made of chromoly steel, provides maximum stability and easily attaches to existing threads of the bike frame.

cargo bike with surf rack near the beach

Where to start from?

At 50 Rebels, we offer various e-bike models and a plethora of accessories. Therefore, sometimes it can be challenging for you to find the best combination.

That is why we have a team of really nice people, e-bike enthusiasts just like you, who are totally committed to helping you. If you would like to know more about cargo bikes, e-bike subsidies, accessories, or any other topic, just fill out the following form, and we will get in touch!

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