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E-Bike Subsidies

Credit Options

Depending on the country you live in, we provide you with various credit options. Check our credit partners and choose the best option for your case.

At 50 Rebels, we've partnered with Floa Pay to simplify your e-bike purchase. Enjoy flexible payments in Portugal, Spain, Belgium, and France, with 0% interest in 3 or 4 instalments.

Countries Available:
Floa Pay Solutions are accessible for 50 Rebels customers in Portugal, Spain, Belgium, and France.

How to Apply:
Contact us, and we will provide you with a personalized link where you can effortlessly apply for Floa credit.

Embrace the simplicity of the process and enjoy the benefits of flexible payments without any interest charges.

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Various subsidies are available across European countries, whether you're looking to purchase an e-bike, a regular bicycle, or even a second-hand bike in certain cases.

We diligently strive to keep everything up to date, ensuring that you can obtain a 50 Rebels with financial assistance. If by any chance we've missed a subsidy, please inform us so we can maintain the most current information.

To find the most suitable subsidy for you, just select your country from the list below:


In 2024, government e-bike support is back —up to 500€ for early applicants. Apply online on the Environmental Fund website.

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From Madrid to Bilbao, municipalities offer financial incentives for eco-commuting. Stay informed and apply online.

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Find all about "Bonus Vélo" and "Aide Sociale" subsidies in France and save at least 400€ on a 50 Rebels e-bike.

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Discover Belgium's diverse e-bike subsidies and save up to hundreds of euros on your eco-friendly commuting solution.

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Explore Germany's diverse array of city-specific e-bike subsidies for greener, more affordable transportation options.

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Find Switzerland's e-bike subsidies and save up to CHF 1000, dependin on your location, on eco-friendly commuting.

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Save up to €600 on your new ebike purchase with Luxembourg's rebate program. Start your eco-friendly commute today!

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Other Countries

Despite 36% of the population in the Netherlands listing bikes as their favorite and most common way of getting around for their everyday life, there is currently no national level subsidy for the purchase of electric bikes. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you cannot benefit from one on a local level, or get a mileage allowance for cyclists !

For example, the city of Utrecht offers two different types of subsidy schemes : one grant of 1000 euros per vehicle for companies that purchase speed pedelecs for employees who live at least 10 km away from their workplace and another grant of 1500€ for the leasing or 1000€ for the purchase of speed pedelecs or electric cargo bikes by companies or organisations for their daily business use (at least 3000 km per year, excluding travel from home to the workplace by employees).

The italian government is fighting for a greener way of commuting and is looking into changing traffic laws to enable local authorities to create cycling paths more easily and allocating a bike bonus up to 500 euros in subsidies for purchasing an e-bike. A cleaner and safer way to commute, especially during COVID time. 

This bonus should be given to all Italian municipalities that have more than 50,000 inhabitants : Bari, Bologna, Cagliari, Catania, Genoa, Messina, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Reggio Calabria, Rome Capital, Turin, Venice and Florence. You can get more information, right here!

Because electric bikes can transform both our cities and our lives, the UK Government has agreed upon a Cycle to Work scheme, which allocates employees to buy an e-bike at a discount, provided that it is used for commuting to work. 

This scheme is available only to those in work, whose employer registers with the scheme, and whose main use is for daily travel to their workplace. It is not available to those who are self-employed, mature students, job-seekers or to retired people; it also excludes people new to cycling, or who do not wish to go to work by bike, as we can see here.

As Austrian e-bike sales crack the 200,000 units barrier for the first time, the government is increasing purchase premiums and subsidies for charging infrastructure, zero-emission and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

“The subsidy rates for electric two-wheelers, including e-bikes will also be increased for private individuals from 400 to 850 euros for electric bicycles.” as stated in this article.

“The purchase of at least five electric bicycles will also be supported for companies, municipalities and associations. The VAT rate for bicycle repair services was also already reduced from 20 to 10 percent at the beginning of the year”,as stated here.

The Maltese government is doubling down for a changeover to cleaner vehicles and will allocate 3.5 millions euros in subsidies for anyone who de-registers and scraps their old combustion engines for electric vehicles, including electric bikes. 

A total of four new programs have been launched to promote clean mobility and apply retroactively to vehicles purchased from January 2020. A grant of 250 euros for the purchase of a new pedelec and electric moped should be available for everyone.

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