The 5 most important tips for the maintenance of your e-bike

The 5 most important tips for the maintenance of your e-bike

Of course, our utility bikes are especially popular with parents who want to transport children as well as with commercial customers who use our vehicles as powerful electric transport bikes or compact cargo bikes.

And the fact that our e-bikes are approved as two-seaters with up to 150 kg payload is a real insider tip for fat bike lovers! With such driving performance and payload data is of course also the topic of maintenance and repair of great importance.

Therefore, we would like to go into the five most important points that you should pay attention to in order to enjoy your UD bike for as long as possible and so that you are always safe and relaxed on the road.

1.) Read the operating instructions 

As simple and comprehensible as that may sound:

Around 70% of maintenance points and damage are caused by the user himself and could have been avoided if the operating instructions had been followed.

Particularly in two-seater operation and when driving with a high payload, it is of great importance that an appropriate driving style is observed and, above all, that the correct air pressure is set in the tires. It is also important to note that with high payloads should be driven only on good road surfaces and the gear shift on the mountain to use to support the engine optimally.


2) Unpacking and assembly - Take your time!

A large part of the reported damage to the vehicle arises from pure anticipation on the first joyful 100 meters! Actually, you just wanted to "quickly test" and then forgot to adjust the steering tubes again properly according to specification and tighten and bang, you have an accident and a few ugly paint scratches on the brand new wheel ... Or you just forgot to fold in the stand?

Especially when unpacking and adjusting your new e-bike, you should take at least an hour and proceed carefully. Have you checked the air pressure again? Are all screws really tight? Is there any rattling?

Above all, make sure that you first get used to the driving behavior on your long-awaited first ride with the new e-bike on safe terrain and are not distracted by other road users or obstacles!

And it goes without saying that you shouldn't start out with a two-seater or with children on the vehicle the first time you try driving!

3) Maintain your e-bike regularly

Saturday is not for nothing the favorite day of all motorists to devote themselves with dedication to the care of their vehicle.

Even with an e-bike, half an hour of care per week is the best protection against damage, wear and unnecessary corrosion. Above all, when cleaning the vehicle, minor damage, loose screws and the beginnings of corrosion can be detected very quickly and easily remedied at the outset. 

A little anti-corrosion oil (Ballistol or WD40), warm water, MuckOff bike cleaner and a few squirts of chain oil work wonders and your e-bike will thank you visually and technically!

And if you ever discover a loose screw, simply tighten it. A small paint damage can be repaired just as quickly, so that rust does not occur in the first place.

Besides, a clean and well-maintained vehicle gives more pleasure and increases pride of ownership!

4) Use your on-board tools and learn to maintain your vehicle yourself.

Our vehicles are deliberately designed to be very maintenance-friendly and allow you to do most of the normal care and maintenance work yourself, even without great expertise. All tools necessary for minor maintenance work are included with your e-bike. In addition, we offer for ambitious screwdrivers also appropriate special tools in our store!

To give you maximum support in maintaining your e-bike, we have published a very extensive DIY tutorial series on Youtube, which we are constantly expanding and extending:

Click here for our video instructions for daily e-bike maintenance

PS: Do not worry, most of the work is very easy to perform, requires no special expertise and takes only 1-5 minutes. Your bike will thank you with longevity and real, lasting riding pleasure!

5) Hands off E-Bike tuning and modifications to the electronics!

Here we have to be especially strict:

Our vehicles meet the EU requirements for registration-free operation as a pedelec/electric bicycle up to 25 km/h and a continuous rated power of 250 W. This requires a correct and fine-tuned combination of controller settings, power and torque curves and the BMS.

Any modification or attempted modification to your e-bike and its electronic components may result in damage to the controller, motor electronics, battery, torque sensor and battery control system. All wiring on our e-bikes is therefore sealed and we expressly disclaim any warranty or guarantee for vehicles From that have been deliberately modified.

The use of e-bike tuning accessories, tuning dongles and tuning displays is illegal and leads not only to the expiration of the operating license and any warranty claims but can also be prosecuted as a criminal offense!

At the same time, illegal tuning of your e-bike naturally leads to significantly higher wear and premature failure of many other components such as frame, brakes, gears and head bearings.

So: Just keep your fingers off the e-bike tuning!

6.) BONUS Tip - Just cruise relaxed and enjoy!

Here's a little final bonus tip for commuters: 

Our e-bikes are robust and durable electric utility vehicles with a style inspired by the cool mopeds of the 60s and 70s. Our philosophy is robustness, durability and easy maintenance!

In the manufacture of our e-bikes, we rely on high-quality steel frames made of the best chro-moly steel, which we produce in Germany. Steel is a flexible material and has excellent suspension properties, which is also very positive in slight torsion and flexibility when riding under load.

But since we use silent electric drives, the noise of the combustion engine (Which used to drown out everything...) is missing, so a slight rattle on the fender, an occasional mild grinding of the brake discs, the sound of the spokes when carrying a load, or even the jingling of the bunch of keys on the battery can sometimes be heard. The vehicle is "working" under load, so to speak. Here, a light thumb pressure on the mudguard bracket or on the brake disc often helps to eliminate the acoustic problem. However, there is no technical defect here.

So just cruise relaxed electric and enjoy the "Moped Feeling 2.0"!

And now: From into autumn, the season when you can appreciate the thick tires especially!

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