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Discover the perfect ride for family outings with 50 Rebels E-bikes.

Designed with precision and packed with great features, our bikes ensure enjoyable journeys with your kids—whether commuting or seeking exciting family adventures.

You can save €200 on our bikes. Just submit a simple form (takes less than 1 minute). Make sure to get yours before it runs out!


Our E-Bikes

At 50 Rebels, you will find two different frames: R-Series and V-Series.

In both of them, you can attach several accessories, select different battery capacities, and choose the motor power that you need — respecting the legal limits in each country.

Our e-bike prices start at €1,990; however, you can get €200 off by submitting a very fast form.

Family-Focused Features

The R-Series model allows an extended seat, accommodating older or larger kids in front. If equipped with front footpegs, it ensures comfort and safety.

If you need to transport smaller kids, opt for our back rack where you can mount the child seat that we also sell. In this case, our V-Series model is perfect, once it makes it easier to mount and dismount when you have a child seated at the back.

Would you like to know more about family options and accessories? Just get in touch with us and we will be glad to help you. We promise a fast response, and we speak English, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Power and Durability

Our batteries and motors are crafted for family usage, offering speed, power, and efficiency for solo or group rides.

Experience long-lasting battery life, enabling up to 100 km of continuous riding.

Get in Touch

For further assistance or to explore our range of accessories, reach out to us.

Our team speaks English, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. We are looking forward to meet you!