Winter Care for your E-bike

Winter Care for your E-bike

Winter Care for your E-Bike

Some of us actually enjoy riding our bikes during the winter. Others just pack them away and wait for that warm spring weather to return. Either way, every bike needs maintenance. 

Follow our advice to keep your e-bike in top shape during the colder months of the year and it’ll grant you lots of adventures in return. 

Keeping your e-bike in pristine condition 

Winter means humidity, snow, and sometimes even rain. As a consequence, your e-bike will get dirty a lot faster than in other seasons.

Tips on how to clean your e-bike properly: 

  • Wipe the dirt on the frame off with a dry cloth.

  • Corrosion is a nightmare to get rid of. Check that the battery contacts are always clean and dry. Better safe than sorry. 

  • Lube the chain to protect it. Once you apply the lube, turn the pedal so that it circulates around the system. 

  • Use good quality cleaners for the bikes. You might want to get our cleaning spray set, as those were made specifically to keep your e-bike clean for winter.

  • You can clean your bike with a bucket and sponge, although it’s not ideal. Don’t use the jet mode with your garden hose, or a pressure washer, a light sprinkle will do the job. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself battling against corrosion. 

  • Finally, avoid riding through the mud. Cleaning up after riding through a muddy road is a real pain in the… saddle. 

Take into consideration that residues of salt or water can cause the metal parts in the e-bikes to deteriorate faster. We don’t want that! 

Storing your e-bike like a pro:

Not all of us like riding when it’s cold and gray outside, and that’s fine. We can put our e-bikes away for a few months and ride again when it gets warmer. 

Whether you want to keep riding or take a break, these tips will come in handy when storing your e-bike. 

  • Keep it in a cool, dry space. Never put it in rooms with high humidity. If you have a garage or an outdoor shed, keep your e-bike there during winter. 

  • Although e-bikes can be stored in really low temperatures — down to -30º, the electric components on them will break down quicker. If you keep the temperature between 0º and 20º, you shouldn’t worry: this is the ideal range for storing it. 

  • If you can’t store your bike in a shed or garage, you might as well keep it outside. In that case, investing in a good quality bike rain cover is essential. It will protect your bike from bad weather and also reduce the chances of theft. 

  • Another item you need to have is a reliable lock. We recommend U locks, as these are the hardest to remove. They lock on both ends. Thieves won’t waste their time grinding down on both ends: it increases their chances of getting caught. Lock your frame and wheel to an immovable object with a U lock, and you shouldn’t have a problem with thieves. 

 - Remember to remove the battery from your e-bike when you are preparing it for storage. 

 - It’s easy to forget, but humidity and changing weather can corrode the battery’s contacts. 

 - Charging and storing your battery

 - If there’s a delicate component in an e-bike, that’s the battery. It needs lots of love if you want your e-bike to last a long time. 

Here are some tips to keep the battery in great condition, whether you want to keep using it or decide to store it away until spring.  

  • Store the battery indoors. Keep it in a dry and warm place. The temperature has to be above freezing when you’re not using it. 

  • Check the temperature before you charge it. If it’s too cold, leave it in a warm place until the battery reaches room temperature. 

  • Heat the battery slowly, be careful to not heat it quickly as you might damage it. Don’t run it empty before recharging. 

  • If you cycle to work, take advantage of the warmth of your office and bring the battery in. Don’t leave it in the cold for too long. 

  • If you don’t plan to ride your e-bike for a long time, keep recharging the battery periodically. Don’t let it go too long without use.  

Ready, set, ride!

Cycling when it snows is usually a great experience: the beautiful landscape, the wind on your face, the Christmassy magic… but don’t forget a few extra precautions. Be careful when riding and always be aware of road conditions.

You should also take care of yourself when riding in winter. Remember to put on thick clothes, wear a helmet and consider investing in a good pair of gloves. Avoid frostbite or nasty colds.

Stay safe and warm through all your winter adventures!


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