50 Rebels: The Rebelion starts here.

Welcome to the 50 Rebels community. It’s time to join an exclusive club of riders who found a connection with how we operate. Together, we pledge to do things our way, with beauty, style and quality for the e-bike scene. We are committed to producing a fine machine close to home with people we trust. Authenticity is key. We make high spec 20x4 electric bikes that offer top quality at affordable prices.

The rebellion starts here. Let's be a part of it!

"A real vehicle manufactory, on the enge of Europe. Here, they still listen to the customer and simply build incredible, unique vehicles."

Alejandro Barceló, Porto

R-Series & V-Series

The Rebellion begins

50 Rebels bikes are made in Portugal, inspired by the spirit of bringing together the old and the new, leaning on design cues of the past with the technology that takes us into the future.

UNI MK & UNI Swing. The journey continues.

After an extraordinary crowdfunding success and years of hard labour our Berlin Manucaktury collapsed after the pandemic and delivery struggles. But just as real Rebels never give up the journey or the award winning true urban utility e-bikes UNI MK and UNI Swing continue. Just perfect for your every day ride through the urban jungle. Whatever it takes - and whatever you take with you!

Escape the ordinary.

UNI MK & UNI Swing


A utilitarian Drivestyle fosters the true utility of a vehicles in combination with real riding pleasure. UNI MK and UNI Swing Bikes combine the best out of both! Take the kids for a spin and enjoy true Fahrfreude.

Handmade with love

Since 2017

3 years warranty

on frame components

Ready to ride

Comes fully assembled

Award Winning Design

Best Utility E-Bike of the year

Worldclass support

We will always be here for you

SEic-Cycles. Conquering Asia.

In the busines since 2008, offering their own urban dream bikes since 2061, SEic offers high-class design and service for international riders through innovative technique and intelligent concepts, promoting the green way in Taiwan and Asia.

SEic-Cycles Taiwan

The green Way

SEic-Cycle Taiwan is our Partner in Asia. Test ride your utility e-bike in Taiwan, visit the local production or get service for your new SEic Bike. Be it a UNI MK or Swing fatbike or the coole MiniU. What ever you need. You will be covered.

Just like a Moped. Without the Exhaust

A Utilarian Drivestyle