VAT reduction for bicycles, electric bicycles and cargo bikes

Portugal and Luxembourg are the boldest European countries leading the VAT reduction for the acquisition of bicycles, electric bicycles, and cargo bikes. And the good news is that you can buy these bikes in a local shop or online.

50 Rebels R-Series electric bike with long seat

VAT Reduction to 6% in Portugal

In an effort to support the change of urban mobility, the Portuguese state assembly decided to drop the VAT rate on bicycles and electric bicycles to 6%. This is possible because the EU laws allowed this in 2021 and Portugal is now the first European Country to implement this measure. Here at 50 Rebels, we give you this VAT reduction in the form of a discount code that can range up to €550.- depending on the model you like. Apply for the discount code here.

 Girl in a 50 Rebels ebike on her way to her office

VAT Reduction to 7% in Luxembourg

Luxembourg's E-Bike subsidy program and reduced VAT rates make eco-friendly mobility more affordable and accessible. Explore your options, seize the opportunity to save, and contribute to a cleaner and greener future with E-bikes.

For more information about eligible E-bike models and how you can take advantage of the 7% VAT rate until December 31, 2023, after that it will raise to 8%. Leave us your contact here and we get in touch. Or, if you prefer, you can contact us at Or, apply here for your discount code.

Two people in a 50 Rebels bike

Should we have more countries with this reduction? We hope so and we can't wait to share them here on this page.

Father in his ebike with a child in the front of the long seat

We remind you that 50 Rebels has an entire team 100% committed to helping you choose the perfect model! We will also assist you in configuring your E-Bike to meet all your needs.